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The Turkish Betrayal – Global Implications

If these are the “kaleidoscopic changes” to which Ignatius is referring and that Obama is seeking to implement, the political environment of the Middle East is about to take a dramatic turn for the worse. No country will rely on U.S. promises to protect them from a nuclear Iran after the same promises failed to protect them from a conventionally-armed Iran which is currently supporting terrorist organizations on five continents and sees itself on a messianic mission to spread Islam globally? A nuclear armed Iran could very well secretly transfer a nuclear device to terrorists (who would not hesitate to murder millions with the push of a button) and would, without a doubt, ignite a nuclear arms race throughout the Sunni nations of the Persian Gulf and Middle East? In fact, the Saudis have already purchased nuclear weapons from the Pakistanis, but are holding off on their delivery depending upon whether Iran detonates a nuclear device.

Moreover, Iran is certain to use its nuclear weapons as a shield under which it will extend its influence throughout the world thereby further destabilizing the international order. Therefore, containment of a nuclear Iran, if that is President Obama’s new vision for the Middle East, will fail – with catastrophic consequences.

The American willingness to allow Iran enrichment capabilities and its eagerness to strike a bargain with Tehran is mind-boggling in this part of the world. This explains why Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz expressed Israel’s fears about the outcome of the current Geneva negotiations with Iran when he said: “We worry that Geneva 2013 will end up like Munich 1938″ referring to the agreement that appeased Nazi Germany’s seizure of Czech territory in the months leading up to the outbreak of World War II.

Steinitz is right to be concerned. The Middle East is in chaos because American global power has vanished. In this post-American world that Obama has made there was never any possibility that the answer to Tehran’s genocidal ambitions would come from Washington. As a consequence, Israel stands alone. It will live or die based on what it does next.

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