Palestinian Statehood Revisited

What kind of society encourages celebrations in its streets to mark the murder of Jews and Israelis?

What kind of society uses its summer camps to train thousands of its children how to make fire-bombs, use firearms, and ambush and kidnap Israelis?

What kind of society allows the portrayal of Jews as vermin and allows publication on its government’s Facebook page of a cartoon of three rats, each bearing the Star of David, dangling from a fishing rod?

What kind of a society allocates $60 million (1.5 percent of its total budget) to paying salaries of terrorists serving sentences in Israeli prisons.

What kind of society allows its official Palestinian Authority (PA) media to broadcast young Palestinian girls singing about Jews as ‘the sons of apes and pigs’ or (on January 9th, 2012), a sermon by a Palestinian Imam, in the presence of the PA Minister of Religious Affairs, referring to Jews as ‘apes and pigs’ and repeating the hadith about Muslims killing Jews hiding behind trees and rocks, because ‘Judgment Day will not come before you fight the Jews.’

What kind of society allows its own government websites (in Arabic) to continue to feature the original PLO and Fatah covenants and other founding documents, all of which explicitly rule out recognition or peace with Israel and assert a claim to all of historic Palestine.

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